Sale! Sale! Sale!

I was working on this small, editorial feature about sales shopping while wearing my own sales find: a warm and cosy jumper from Acne AW12 that I've scored at the Harvey Nichols sale. Yupee!

I have unfortunately missed the very first day of sales in Edinburgh as we were away for Christmas so on my first day back I made a bee line for my favourite shop to see what was left. Luckily for my bank account there were not many interesting things available any more, especially that this year I have promised myself that I will be reasonable and stick to THE SALES RULES:

1. Always ask yourself if you would buy it if was full price. Even if it is 75% off it will be wasted money if you do not wear it at all. If necessary try it on several times.

2. Go for items that you were eyeing but that you've dismissed due to a high price tag - well, now it is not so high anymore so...

3. make sure that it fits perfectly or if it does not but you are desperate to buy it, make sure that your tailor will be able to fix it

4. Go for classic pieces that you will be able to wear for many seasons to come or...

5. ...break all the rules and buy what you fancy, something absolutely crazy, something with a bold pattern for example or EXTREMELY high heels!