A little update with a spaniel

I've had a pretty busy summer and blog got a bit neglected (as well as my social life) so let's rectify it asap!

The latest news is that we have also moved in to our new office space in Edinburgh's former veterinary college turned artists studios and space aka The Summerhall. It is so nice not to have to create a mess at home any more but to come to a specially allocated space for that work frame of mind. Unfortunately it also means that we are seldom at home and when we are finally back after 10 or more hours in the office (freelancing, ha!) all we can do is to cook a simple supper, have a bath and plunge straight into bed to be able to start all over again the next day!

There are several private commissions that I need to update you with and I look forward to hear from you before the Christmas time if you would like to treat your friends or family with an original gift!

Here is a golden background black spaniel painting that I created for one delighted dog owner: