Aaaaa, Christmas is approaching FAST!

As usual, December surprised me yet again...

Frankly, I was so busy that if not for all the Christmas decorations out in the city street and the usual Christmas fair setting up by the Princess Street, I might have not even realised that it is THIS time of the year!

I did a fair share of traveling over last couple of weeks (a visit to Warsaw was in the books for a long time), some private commissions  (it is Christmas approaching after all, clients need their gifts) and some very hush-hush ones for a new client in New York (luckily not Christmas connected because that would drive me absolutely christmas bobble) so over all a very productive and busy couple of weeks. Isn't it what we like the most?

What we do not like is the cold and even though I got a lovely new and pretty cosy coat from Simple Creative Products while I was in Poland (it is a great Polish brand, check them out while you are visiting my homeland) I was not able to step out in it too often as I was and unfortunately I still am seriously bedbound with a runny nose and a serious cough.

It might be a good idea for a new illustration though meanwhile here is a sneak peak into my christmassy images from last couple of days: George Hotel's amazing Christmas tree (one of many), a beautiful Christmas wrath that I came across while visiting North Berwick last week, a lovely gift that my friend brought from me from Helsinki and my husband assuming a role of a Christmas tree (these battery operated christmas lights are great!).

I hope I will blog again before Christmas but just in case my cold and workload will not allow me to write another such a lengthy post, I would like to wish you all the most fabulous Christmas and a very happy, prosperous and full of opportunities, exciting New Year! X