Penelope's new book

Waking up to a package from Amazon equals only to waking up to a bacon sarnie (preferably accompanied by a cup of freshly brewed coffee) courtesy of my husband Simon!

This morning it was the Amazon man. I had to get up for a client meeting anyway so it was quite timely but I had to wait with opening the parcel until I was back home again. And then I have devoured it just like a bacon sarnie!

It is a latest comic from my favourite French dessinatrice Penelope Bagieu. I have started following her blog many, many years ago (even before her first book was even published!) and it is still among my favourites. I have all her books in my home library (adventures of Josephine are my favourites) and this one does not dissapoint either!

I was in Brussels last week and this book was in all shop windows displays of the comic book shops there (of course not a sight of it here, despite an old alliance...) but I have managed to restrain myself as I knew that Simon has already ordered it for me! However I have not managed to restrain that well from the huge amount of Belgian waffles (surprise surprise, the REAL Belgian waffles do not have anything in common with a company of either bacon or maple syrup. Actually my fellow Belgians were really appalled by the whole idea - for them it is whipped cream all the way!).

I have not brought the book but I brought a massive cold. I have recovered now but last several days were quite a struggle for me. I am working on another editorial commission and I hope I will be able to post some more about it soon. Meanwhile - bisous!