No more dimples

There were several manic days in our household lately as I was trying to finish all the rest of the Horoscope images for Twoj Styl before the end of the month and also my mum came from Poland for an Easter break visit.

I must be mad but I like to work on several commissions at once as it keeps me focused so much more! The only downside is not enough sleep, much less socialising and no time for any Spring shopping at all!

The latest published illustration is for a beauty article about cosmetic procedures which allow women to get rid of unwanted dimples - these dimples in female tighs and butt which us, girls consider not at all cute: a much dreaded cellulite. Definitely to be get rid of before summer!
P.S. My new haircut did not work exactly the way I wanted but it is a story for a different kind of illustration - definitely a less glamorous one...