Glamourous eyelashes for Twoj Styl

I got luckily inundated with new commissions this month so my blog had to go into a minihiatus but I am back again and you can see now what I was working on during last couple of weeks.

I must say that like doing these very feminine illustrations for big glossies because the whole challenge lies in delivering the material as beautiful and as effortless looking as possible. Think Rene Gruau, think David Downtown, think Tina Berning.

P.S. Just to balance things out I also got commissioned to do a series of illustration on some more serious subject than ways of achieving super long eyelashes. However it of course depends where your priorities are. I like the balance between important and girly. So I will post these other illustrations later also because editors still have to make their decisions.
P.S.2 I am reading at the moment a brilliant comic novel 'Gemma Bovery' by Posy Simmonds. The main caracter is a girl illustrator.