Kak mag

Every husband should bring his wife a nice gift on the way back from a business trip. In case of a graphic designer/ illustrator/ photographer wife the best solution is to bring a coveted Russian design magazine that is impossible to buy in UK!

I came across KAK magazine years ago when a friend (who is one of the people in charge of a Polish magazine of similar profile 2+3d) asked for its latest issue to be lugged from Moscow. Kak is not exactly the easiest publication to get hold of, it is usually available from museum's bookshops and these were not omnipresent in Moscow ten years ago! His issue is probably a collector one by now!

I am going to flick through the images in the magazine as my Russian is very basic, I can barely decipher the letters and even that takes awfully long time (Simon might just oh so kindly translate some titles for me as his Russian is fluent after years of living in Russia). I am also going to stroke the clouds on one of the covers as they are made of a nice, suedy material, extremely pleasant to the touch! No wonder that some issues of this magazine can cost up to £20!

Oh, I did get some gorgeous perfumes from the duty free too!