Happy Easter!

I definitely seem to be having some weird health issues these days - first was this odd (stomach, I suspect) bug and today while I was lifting a camera bag (well, with a Mamiya RB67 inside which is quite a hefty bit of equipment) I felt a terrible pain in my back and whole constellations of stars exploded in front of my eyes. I was not able to catch my breath for a while but as I wanted to continue working I did not have much choice. Maybe I should have an early night tonight and have some more rest.

While I am having several ideas how to picture these health incidents I am presenting my Easter card for Spring 2009. The printed version is slightly different than the one featured here but I really could not choose between this one and the other. However Eleonora features in both versions. Happy Easter then and may you find your chocolate eggs quickly.

As usual, please click on the image to see it bigger.